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"It was a college reunion, but I didn't go." Yao An ascended the stairs, stepped on the stone path, heard the sound of gurgling water, ditches carrying withered leaves to the foot of the mountain, and the fresh air was particularly precious in the sultry summer. The cost of accommodation in Longquan Villa is not cheap, and Shen Lun chose a house near the lake, which is even more expensive. There are all kinds of fish and shrimps in the artificial lake, and colleagues start fishing as soon as they arrive. Most people have enjoyed the surrounding scenic spots, only Longquan Villa can make them rare, Yao An also picked up the fishing rod with the crowd, sitting on the wooden shelf talking and laughing. The thatched hut on the top of his head covered a little scorching sun, and the breeze in the mountains blew his face, bringing the cool lake water to cool down. Yao An was the youngest among all the people. He looked green and astringent, but his manner was mature and decent. His pure smile was accompanied by the light swing of his long skirt, which was soft and attractive. From a distance, Shen Lun could see Yao An at a glance. He took a sip of tea, and his eyes drifted away from the other end, with a smile on his lips. Tired of sitting,sodium cyanide price, Yao An handed the fishing rod to someone else and looked around for a while, looking for something to drink. Shen Lun shouted to her, "Here!" Yao An went to him and ordered another drink. Two people chat lightly, from professional chat to work, Shen Lun asked: "You were an intern in Huiyuanmei before?"? I remember you wrote that company on your resume. Yao An replied, "Yes, I practiced there for half a year." Shen Lun is curious: "How did that come back again?" Yao An said with a smile, "The living expenses in Nanjiang are too big. The rent costs me half of my salary. I might as well come back to work. Although my salary is a little less,coltan ore processing, I save more money every month than before." Shen Lun smiled and switched the topic back to the job in the East Building. He offered a salary and promised a generous year-end bonus. He said, "There has been a shortage of people in the East Building. You know, instead of recruiting again, we might as well keep you. You are familiar with everyone, and it's easier to do things." When Yao An heard the salary, she was already a little moved, but she pressed it down rationally and was about to speak when the cell phone in her bag rang. Yao An took out a look and immediately got up and walked to one side. Jiang Na had driven into Zhongjun Town, crossed the sign "Welcome to Zhongjun", and soon arrived at the congested city bridge. The government has sent people to survey the site. The reconstruction project of the city bridge will start at the end of the month. Today next year, it may be able to reopen to traffic. Jiang Na frowned and stopped to wait for the end of the traffic jam. When the phone was picked up, Chiang asked, "What took you so long?" He faintly heard the noise at the other end, and he asked, portable gold wash plant ,gold heap leaching, "Where are you?"? Not at home? "Well, I'm outside," Yao Anqing answered. Jiang Na is displeased: "Come back, I am in Zhongjun at the moment. Where are you? I will pick you up." "No," said Yao An. "Let's talk on the phone." Jiang Na narrowed his eyes. "What did you say?" Yao An is stupefied, hesitate a way: "Today 15, I think..." Jiang Na interrupted her, "thank you for remembering today's 15th." Traffic in front began to move slowly, Jiang Na hurriedly followed, "to say face to face, put away your cleverness." Yao An frowned: "Whether face to face or not, the answer is like that." "Don't let me be right, Yao Yao," Jiang said carelessly with a sneer. "You have no confidence in your guess, so you hide. What are you afraid of?" He said softly, "Afraid I'll do that to you?" There was only a rustling murmur in the microphone. "Be good, tell me where you are. I'll pick you up and take you to Shihlin to buy silver jewelry later. Didn't you say you liked it?" Yao An's heart was beating like a drum. He gritted his teeth and said in a low voice, "Jiang Na, I don't like gold, and I don't like silver, and I won't like you either. Don't forget what you promised me. I'll tell you the answer on the 15th today. But there's a third question I didn't ask. You answer it first!" She clenched her fist and trembled nervously. Jiang Na drove the jeep out of the path, stopped aside, hung his arm on the steering wheel, and stared at the endless flow of vehicles in front of him: "You ask." Yao An spoke slowly: "Why do you want me to play this game? I want to know the real reason!" " "I like you, you know," Jiang said with a low smile. Yao An choked, and his heart beat again.
She thought for a moment and said, "There is another reason besides this.". Jiang Na, don't bluff me. I don't care what big things you want to do, but since you've been planning for so long, there's no reason to risk leaking to let me guess and give me so many hints. Yao An smiled. "I remember you told me not to believe in fairy tales, so I don't believe in this." Jiang takes one sluggish, keep silent, half ring just listens to Yao An to say: "When you answered the third question, contact me again." With that, she hung up the phone decisively. Jiang stared at the dark screen of his mobile phone for a long time before he smiled helplessly and muttered, "Little girl, I'll see how I can catch you back!" Yao An mustered up her courage to express the thoughts of these two days. She breathed a sigh of relief for a moment, but inexplicably felt a little more hesitant and lost. She laughed at herself and returned to the team to play. Jiang Na returned to the freight company on Lishan Middle Road and ran upstairs. Xu Zhouwei shouted twice and looked at the cake on the table: "When can I eat it?" The computer in the office was quickly turned on. Jiang pressed the mouse a few times and put on his headphones to play back the recording. When he heard Yao An tell his colleagues that he was going to Longquan Villa by himself, his face sank and he immediately threw down his headphones. Yao An put aside his worries and had a good time in Longquan Villa. In the afternoon, a group of people went to the waterfall to enjoy the scenery. They crowded to take pictures and scrambled to take pictures with Shen Lun. Finally, they discussed and lined up one by one in order. When it was Yao An's turn, the crowd had gradually dispersed. Shen Lun held her wrist and stood in front of the waterfall. There was no grand Milky Way falling for nine days, but there was a long curtain of water. Shen Lun whispered to Yao An: "Finally,chrome washing machine, it's your turn." Yao An is stupefied, unconscious red rosy clouds dye a face, show a faint smile to the camera. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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