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You two brothers have a conflict. Don't involve the innocent golden retriever. Yun Feiyang complained so much in his heart, but his body was so honest. He put the cat in his arms and walked away happily, even hoping that the two brothers would be in conflict for a long time, the longer the better. Found Chenxi cat sneaking over and leaving the floor lion, looking at the terminal page Chenxi sent the declaration of running away from home, slightly stunned. No matter how well-informed the lion was, he couldn't figure out how this could have happened. The bodyguard wondered, "Chief?" Lou Shi frowned slightly: "Chen Xi … …" He ran away from home. Mr. Bodyguard is full of questions. Ms. Serval looked up at the two men, who were at a loss, and gave her professional opinion: "Children are very fragile. They have a strong sense of territory and a strong desire to monopolize. Maybe it's because my presence makes him feel unhappy. I'll just hide." "Did your appearance make him feel unhappy?" Ms. Serval: "Yes." The floor lion asks again: "monopolize desire?"? You mean he has a monopoly on me? Ms. Serval felt that something was wrong, but she hesitated to type, "… …" Yes The frown of the floor lion suddenly loosened. This is a happy event! The author has something to say: Hee Hee:?? Even if I'm late, I still have to ask for nutrient solution.jpg Chapter 73. Chapter 73 The atmosphere around the lion is almost a pleasure visible to the naked eye. Ms. White Dew and Mr. Bodyguard, who are extremely sensitive to emotions and atmosphere, discovered this almost immediately. Ms. White Dew looked up at the lion and always felt that something was wrong. How can this man be so happy when the children have run away from home? What kind of human confusion is this? Can this lion raise a child? Even if he doesn't go out with him, he is still happy here? She shook her ears and typed, "I'm going to track it down." When Lou Shi heard this,Pallet rack upright, he was very confident. "It's not necessary. He can't go to a few places. Now he's mostly going to Yunfeiyang." The lion's voice still sounded cold, but the expression on his face was very light. Serval tapped out a question mark slowly. Straight line distance 800 meters, go out to the right, take the main road 1200 meters. Lou Shi finished, paused and sighed, "It's a long way to go." Serval: … For a moment,Narrow aisle rack, she couldn't tell whether the floor lion was mocking or spoiling. The image of the building lion has nothing in common with the warmonger, the murderous, cruel and cruel lion heart leader in the rumors of Jianghu. In the previous scenario, if this operation failed, she would certainly not come to a good end. Sudden death on the spot is lucky, star thieves torture people in a variety of ways, to be able to die immediately is really lucky. But unexpectedly, she survived. Not only did he survive, but he was also appeased by the floor lion. Although wearing a dog tag, but wearing a dog tag for a life, this business is simply blood money. In particular, Lou Shi seems to be a much better leader than the Black Mamba. Ms. White Dew could not say whether she was lucky or unlucky. She had just lost her child, Steel racking system ,Pallet rack beams, and then she had saved her life. And as a protected object of trading conditions, like her child, she is also a kitten. It's just that the awakening body of her child is only blue and white with long hair that has not yet grown up, while the child of Lou Shi's family is white, small and soft, naive to death, and can lose his temper. She is alive and energetic, which is quite different from the well-behaved and quiet cat in her family. But the kitten ran away from home and sent a message to inform the lion, and then ran away to the next-door neighbor's house. And. Cute. If her baby had grown up in a normal environment, she would have been so cheerful and lively. After all, there are few cats who don't like to play. It is a pity. The Serval sighed silently as her gaze narrowed. She typed again, "I'm going to find.." She got stuck in the middle of her typing. Bodyguard gentleman picks up: "Morning Xi, the morning of morning, bright that Xi." Serval Lady: "Well, Chenxi, I went to find him." The lion nodded, and then stopped her at the moment when White Dew was ready to disappear.
He felt that this woman was very reliable, perhaps because women's emotional cognition and intuition were indeed clearer and clearer than men's. Unfortunately, all the men who can say a word or two under the floor lion are men without exception. And in this group of men, only one is out of the single and has a family. But the captain was also a star thief through and through. Read his previous speech. If you don't make a decision, get out. Bed . Single If you can't do it once, you can do it twice. If you can't do it twice, you can do it all night. Lou Shi felt in his heart that this was indeed a good way, but obviously, it did not apply to the present. The lion lowered his eyes and looked down at the cat. After a moment's silence, he asked, "Is he in a bad temper?" ? What kind of strange nonsense is this. Running away from home is not a temper? White Dew puzzled: "Of course." Remembering what the captain had said before, Lou Shi asked, "Then he specifically informed me that he was acting like a spoiled child, wasn't he?" ??? What the hell? Scatter what? What Jiao? Ms. White Dew was stunned. For a long time, she failed to understand how the brain circuit of Lou Shi was connected. "He acts like a spoiled child and wants me to find him." That's true. White Dew thought. Children lose their temper, basically hope to get the attention of adults, let adults coax, this kind of behavior is indeed coquettish is not wrong. White Dew typed, "Yes, it's also a kind of coquetry." But she still thought there was something strange. With a serious face, the Serval thought over and over again, typing cautiously: "Just ask, what is the relationship between Chenxi and you?" “……” The lion thought for a moment,heavy duty warehouse rack, then spoke slowly, "In fact, there is nothing wrong with the news that Rabi sent out." The bodyguard instantly understood what the floor lion was referring to and was confused on the spot. White Dew was also stupefied: "Is he your child?"? Do you take the other person's surname? 。 omracking.com

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