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Park the car, and a simple disguise, in front of the mirror, Chen Moteng raised a smile at the corners of his mouth, now he is like this, as long as he is a fan, look twice more, he will recognize. It seems to be aimless wandering, passing by one house after another, occasionally encountering things that dare to be interested in, they will have a taste of two mouthfuls and wander slowly. Ah! It's Chen Chen! The voice of surprise came from the right. Chen Moteng raised a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, then deliberately lowered his hat and walked quickly forward a few steps, as if he was worried about being recognized, somewhat panicked, and soon he entered a snack bar with a room and hid in the house. Chen Moteng's fans fought to catch up and tried to get into the house, but were stopped by the boss, which was a place for customers to eat. In the imperial capital, not everyone can eat in the shed outside, there are always some because of such and such scruples, both want to eat snacks and can not show up, so some larger shops will set up simple rooms, very tight, just to add more money. In order to pursue the idol, naturally will not be short of that money, a few girls bought things, and then paid for the cabin, before filing in. They are nervous and excited, thought the news on the Internet is not true, just to try their luck, did not expect to be true. Small room is not big, divided into two sections, the left side is full of guests, the right side! Ah! It was Chen Moteng, carrying the snack in his hand, who went in happily. Eyes are all their idols, can not tolerate anything else, around Chen Moteng's side, began to chirp to ask some things. One by one, their hearts were pounding with excitement. Chen Moteng answered one by one with a good temper,heavy duty rack manufacturers, and the diners around him seemed to be attracted by them and moved closer. When Chen Moteng promised to sign for them and they all bowed their heads, the diners around them, one by one, suddenly reached out and covered the mouths and noses of several girls with handkerchiefs covered with ether. They hardly struggled, and several girls fainted. A table in the corner was pushed away. It was dark below. Holding a flashlight, one of the big men carried the girls down one by one, tied them up, and then came out. He said to Chen Moteng, "You should hurry up these two days to rest. You should do a few jobs and send them away when you have enough people." Chen Mo Teng nods, ask: "That my thing, gentleman..." "You can rest assured that your husband will be casting spells, and you will soon be on the front line." Chen Moteng nodded, turned to go out, or the clothes when he came, slightly lowered his head, expressionless, as if nothing had happened. Zhuo Zhan has been following Chen Moteng, watching him into the snack room, several young girls also followed in, shuttle rack system ,drive in racking system, a frown, bought a snack, also ready to enter the house, but was told full, helpless, had to eat outside. The time that Chen Mo Teng goes in is not big, it seems that there is no doubt, Zhuo Zhan remembers the position of this inn, follow Chen Mo Teng to go again. Chen Moteng has always been like when he came, eating and shopping, very casual, but it seems that because he was recognized by fans just now, at this time his dress is more than just added a hat, camouflage is more successful than just now. Chen Moteng played for a while and then went back to his villa. Zhuo Zhan made a record carefully and found that there was no problem. Everything seemed to be very peaceful, just a night market for stars occasionally. But when everything was repeated the next day, Zhuo Zhan, with his years of experience in handling cases, noticed something unusual. Chen Moteng is still yesterday's clothes, is still a simple disguise, in the approaching yesterday's shop, there are several young girls recognized him, including a teenager, may be together, several girls ran to Chen Moteng, the teenager seems to want to stop, but did not succeed, helpless, also went with. Chen Moteng was recognized and still went to the shop, and then several little girls and teenagers followed him in. Zhuo Zhan's face sank, thinking about how to follow in. If there is really a problem, his appearance of such a coincidence again today will certainly make the other side suspicious. Coincidentally, there is also a person to enter the house, did not expect to get the answer is full. Zhuo Zhan Lue a meditation, there is definitely a problem, hurriedly call, will Qiaoqiao transfer, let him continue to track Chen Moteng; oneself is left to monitor the snack shop.
But if only a person, always here, it is hard to avoid suspicion, call who? "Zhang Qingshui." The name suddenly imprinted in his mind, Zhuo Zhan thought and shook his head, pulling her into the water is always not good. But who else could there be but her? Zhuo Zhan is puzzled. ***? Disturb others to date will be struck by lightning, especially another person or his cousin, when the time comes, natural and man-made disasters will find him together; others? Two big men eat snacks here do not move the nest, more suspicious, left and right, or decided to call Zhang Qingshui. Hello Zhang Qingshui's voice is always clear and bright. Shimizu, can you come to the food stall in the night market? Good! I'll go right away. Originally she was also greedy, this day or two is also ready to go, now Zhuo Zhan invited, of course, better, two people eat more than one person to eat, the most important thing is to save money!!! "Clear water.." "Huh?"? What else is there? "You'd better wear something you don't wear very long and change your appearance." "Uh.." OK Zhang Qingshui understood, so this is Zhuo Zhan on a mission? "Well, I'll wait for you. I'm in the small street of Cantonese cuisine. I can see you when you come." "All right, I'll be there in a minute." After hanging up the phone, Zhang Qingshui began to think about what clothes she wore. Yes, when she first went to the city, her distant relatives took her shopping and picked out a suit of clothes for her. Zhang Qingshui really didn't like it, so she only wore it once after buying it. Maybe she could wear it this time. Taking out that suit of clothes,push back racking system, Zhang Qingshui began to cross-dress. The refreshing white undershirt turned into a low-cut, waist-baring dress. A large piece of the back was exposed. It was really too revealing. He let his hair down, and it was not hot at night anyway. The casual and comfortable jeans turned into a low-waisted skirt. The flat cloth shoes turned into bright silver sandals with small wedge heels. jracking.com

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