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Specifically, he trembled all over, and then gave off a terrible, dark and decadent smell, but after a while, he cleaned it up immediately. Then Si Jingsi watched his breath gather, and the wheelchair slowly turned around and faced her. Si Jingsi could not control his eyes, from his resolute and handsome face, slowly down, saw the knee behind the empty trouser legs, she breathed, God. If you want to wear a military uniform, how can you do without the attractive military boots? "So you already know, Miss Si." He looked at each other's eyes on his trouser legs for a moment, the corners of his mouth could not help but raise a sarcastic smile, these days the good feelings of getting along with each other were disgusted by his legs, right? Heh. Wei Zimu felt that the last thing a person like him should have was expectation, but it happened that he had expectations for the Omega in front of him! 、 "It's late. I need to go back to rest. You can also rest early, Miss Si." His tone was calm,ceramic igniter electrodes, very calm, so calm that he could hardly feel the surge in his heart. He thought that Si Jingsi would make way for him. After one night, she would leave immediately, and they would be strangers. It was as simple as that. But this is not the case! The tall Omega, with an unknown smile on his face, approached him slowly and said ambiguously, "Ah.." You want to rest? No,ceramic bobbin heater, you're flirting with me in the middle of the night! Wei Zimu: "..?" Is he out of his mind? He's hearing voices? Si Jingsi also does not need his response, oneself very Niubi very overbearing president said: "You light the fire, you extinguish!" " Then she quickly, after all, stretched out her hands at the same time, and without any defense, Wei Zimu was pressed by her shoulder, and his back "bumped" into his wheelchair. The lips are slightly cool, and the evening breeze is particularly sultry. Wei Zimu only felt that 1.1 billion HIT89 missiles had exploded in his brain. Chapter 206 Aircraft Carriers in OMEGA (12) The touch on the lips, soft, cool.. And he.. Silly. The cabbage looked at the pig's head in front of him and sighed faintly in his heart. She had to take the initiative! She's not a serious Omega anyway! Wei Zimu, who was still in shock, felt that the people in front of him suddenly became "passionate". Her soft and cool lips kept crushing, Kamado bbq grill ,cordierite c520, tossing and wandering on his lips, and her flexible uvula gently clasped his teeth, just as she kept knocking at the door a few days ago. She's seducing him. Entangling, hugging.. Then Si Jingsi bent down contentedly, touching Wei Zimu's forehead, her beautiful cat's eyes, staring closely at the deep eyes of the man in front of her. Wei Zimu was a little embarrassed, and his little eyes could not help but hide aside. Alas.. She seemed to sigh, and seemed to sigh, and said to herself, "I really want to mark you!" Wei Zimu: "..!!!??" What the hell did you just say? As soon as there was a pain in his waist, Si Jingsi suddenly fell down, was caught by him, and suddenly fell down on his leg. The man was suddenly close to her, and the breath of the two people was unconsciously entangled, and even the air became floating and ambiguous. I can only mark your share. He said so softly. His breath fell on Si Jingsi's ear, intertwined with the deep and dumb voice that seemed to have some charm, which was particularly provocative and made her heart beat like tired. And his coda had already disappeared between their lips. One kiss. Si Jingsi, sitting on his lap, laughed, reached out and pulled his hair aside and leaned over. Come, mark me!!! Very not easy to pull back a game of Wei Zimu looked at the provocative and charming eyes, immediately had nothing to say.
[Ding! Villain Wei Zimu's favorability is + 3, and the current favorability is: 93.] ………………………………………… In the next few days, the cabbage finally understood the truth that there was only pig arch cabbage and no cabbage arch pig. There is no doubt that she, who has always been complacent, was overwhelmed by someone with both mental strength and physical strength. [ () told you not to be too proud, but you didn't listen!] "Do you really not care?" Wei Zimu struggled to ask for the last time. Si Jingsi, who had already answered this question more than eight hundred times, said "uh-huh" twice without any sincerity, and the action of pulling down his pants did not stop at all. Wei Zimu took a deep breath and let go of her hand, so she pulled it to the end. His knee.. Ugly! Uglier than the average disabled person. Losing his calf, the wound on his knee had already healed, but the ferocious scar was still frightening, and the blood vessels in his thigh were deeply black. Both thighs look very unhealthy, especially the strange black blood vessels. She studied each other's strange legs. The other person stared at her face nervously and saw all the micro-expressions on her face. Frown. Strange Curious Frown again.. In short, there was no disgust or fear that he was afraid to see. Wei Zimu's heart suddenly relaxed, like holding a huge stone day and night, and finally one day, he could put the huge stone down. At that moment, it was really comfortable physically and mentally. [Ding! Villain Wei Zimu favorability + 2, current favorability: 95.] ………………………………………… Si Jingsi in order to study his legs,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, often want to pull down his pants, Wei Zimu from the beginning of the horror to the present numbness, she can pull down. global-ceramics.com

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